Jump Start Health Coaching

Treadfit’s Jump Start is a 90-day health coaching program designed to provide individualized one on one support to educate, reset, and change your approach to health and fitness. Jenny Harkins, founder of Treadfit, and ACE certified trainer/nutrition specialist, will work one on one with clients to develop individualized diet and fitness plans and provide clients with the support, guidance, and accountability necessary to change their lifestyle.  

After the tremendous success of Treadfit’s Focus on You Challenge, Jenny realized many clients were also looking for a more individualized approach to changing their mindset, diets, and fitness habits. Through Jump Start’s one-on-one approach, Jenny can dedicate the time to focus on specific goals, areas of struggle, and mindset to help clients reach their health and wellness goals. 

Jenny does not believe in restrictive diets that create a cyclical effect. Instead, she believes in a balanced approach to diet and exercise with consistency as the focus. Often programs encourage clients to drastically cut calories or eliminate a single food group for six to eight weeks which provides short term results often leading to a rebound effect. This program will educate clients and provide the tools and accountability to break that restrictive approach. 

What is included?

  • Clients will receive three InBody assessments (pre, mid, and post program) providing them with accurate, detailed health data on weight, body fat, lean muscle mass, and water weight.
  • Sample InBody Assessment 
  • Clients will receive personalized diet and workout plans developed around client’s individual goals.
  • Clients will receive daily tips, recipes, and motivation.
  • Clients will have a one on one session with Jenny pre, mid, and post program.
  • Jenny will work with clients on weekly fitness goal setting.


$50 Initial fee, $100/month for three months. Total cost: $350

Ready to make a change?

For more information or to register, email Jenny at [email protected] or fill out the contact form below.