We ❤️ hearing from our amazing clients. Here’s what Lee had to say about her experience at Treadfit.

My first Treadfit class was in 2017. I always have been active and enjoyed working out, but never necessarily with any big goals in mind other than just trying to stay healthy and active and I was always gym hopping. When I completed my first Treadfit class I immediately fell in love with it AND felt challenged for the first time in awhile (and I love a good challenge!) ? So when I first started classes at Treadfit I was using 8 lb. and maybe occasionally 10 lb. weights. In the last couple years I have made Treadfit my main gym. Even more than a great workout, I absolutely LOVE the positive, energetic atmosphere and all of the instructors are amazing.

No two classes are the same… From Mary’s 5am classes to Colette’s 11am classes to Caitlin’s 5pm classes and all the classes in between ? I continue to get stronger each class and always leave feeling energized and refreshed ?Treadfit has become a crucial part in my weekly routines! I recently completed the January #20in31 challenge and just started the February challenge. The weights I use now have increased to 15 lbs. and sometimes 20 lbs. I credit Treadfit and the incredible little fitness community it comes with for helping me continue to grow and become stronger along my own journey ?? I can’t wait to see where Treadfit will take me by the end of 2020! (Also PS… Yes, it’s true… you DON’T need to be a runner at Treadfit and ALL fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to join the fam!)”

Keep up the great work on your fitness journey Lee. We are truly humbled to be a part of it!

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