Krista started attending Treadfit classes in September and has had amazing results! Hear what she shared about her experience!

“I started Treadfit classes in September, after hearing so many positives reviews. I attend barre classes regularly but am a strong believer that variety is important in exercise. I started attending Monday evenings with Caitlin, then week by week I found myself adding more classes to my routine. I’m currently in the 10 in 14 challenge and it’s kicking my booty, but it’s making me push past my physical limits which I love. My favorite workouts are 6 or 8 minute blocks, sprints, squats and essentially anything for legs and glute.

I love everything about this gym. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and motivational and it’s so fun to see so many new and familiar faces come together in group workouts. My physical and mental health have noticeably changed, all for the better! Stress levels significantly decreased and sleep improved; a few things I’ve always struggled with. Plus, the more treadfit classes I attend, the more pizza I can eat which is so important :)”

Thank you Krista!

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