Bridget is one of our favorite regulars! She is a true inspiration squeezing in her workouts with two little ones at home! Hear what Bridget shared about her experience at Treadfit.

“I have been a client of Treadfit since September 2016. Before Treadfit, I had never found a workout that motivated me enough to keep going back week after week. But because this workout allows you to go at whatever pace you can handle, it motivated me to keep coming back and get stronger! Since I have started, I have been able to increase my easy pace and up my weights significantly!

One of my favorite things about Treadfit is the different instructors and different variations that come with each class. You never have a chance to get bored! Some of my favorites are stations, 6 & 8 minute intervals, and ladders. I love how all the instructors are very encouraging, motivating, and helpful during the strength portion of the class. I also love how different each one is. I typically go to the 4 P.M. class during the week and can see 4 different instructors at that time period alone! The variety is great! Lastly, I love all the different challenges Treadfit has to offer.

The 10 in 14 challenges throughout the year, the first fitness challenge and currently the second 5 week fitness challenge. I completed the first challenge in the fall and got great results! We just kicked off the second one and I’m very excited to get started! There is a great Facebook support group where we all share recipes and help one another with our MACROS. It’s a wonderful group/program and I encourage everyone to check it out! I’m so glad I walked through those doors over a year ago! I’ve made a lot of friendships and became a much stronger person!”

Thank you Bridget!

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