Bren Dwyer has quickly become a Treadfit regular! She has completed twenty classes in under two months! Hear what Brenna shared about her experience at Treadfit, “Let’s make it clear, I am definitely not a runner. Over the years, I have on and off ran outside, but it has never been easy nor have I been consistent with it. Since starting at Treadfit in Beverly a month ago, running hasn’t felt like such a chore. Each class I have been to has had a different routine and always allows me to modify my pace. The music is never the same and it always pumps you up which is something I absolutely need to keep me going. Since my second week with Treadfit, my stamina has grown, my energy is up, and I am down a pant size (woot woot!). I feel so great right now and I know this is just the beginning.” Thanks Brenna!

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