Colin O’Neill started with Treadfit this year, and has quickly become one of our favorite clients! Hear what Colin shared about his experience at Treadfit:

“I joined Treadfit in March, looking to shake up my running routine. By that point I had been running seriously for over four years and had completed five half marathons and my first full marathon. My training, though, had reached a plateau and I found myself struggling with nagging injuries that never seemed to go away. I had neglected strength training for too long, and I knew it was time to give Treadfit a try. From the very first class I knew I was hooked. Almost immediately I felt fitter and faster and the gains just kept coming with each class I took. Treadfit has made me a more confident runner and given me the courage to go after running goals I never imagined. From running my first sub-20 minute 5k to eyeing a huge PR at this year’s Chicago Marathon, I know Treadfit will get me to the starting line injury-free and stronger than ever.

Treadfit provides the perfect workout for runners and walkers of all ability levels. The design of each class gives everyone the chance to workout at their own pace. No two classes at Treadfit are ever the same. All of the instructors are supremely qualified and encouraging. They drive you to give your best for a full fifty minutes. Whether it’s pushing yourself through that last circuit or gutting it out through that last plank, there’s no better feeling that working all the way to the bell.
Whether you’ve run marathons or are just looking to get off the couch, Treadfit will challenge you and leave you with the knowledge that “you’re stronger than you think.”

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