Alexis has been a regular in our early morning crew for over a year. Hear what she shared on her experience at Treadfit. “Exercise is my release. It’s the only 50 minutes in a day where I forget about all my other roles: mom, wife, friend, employee, etc, and just focus on myself. A good friend (thank you, Colleen Joyce) introduced me to Treadfit about a year and a half ago and it’s been happily ever after since. I’m part of the 5am crew and really love the people I have met there that are crazy enough to get up at 4:20am to get it done. You really have to love something to want to get up in what I still consider the middle of the night. The instructors are top notch and motivate me to push my limits each day. It’s not always easy to have the energy to push through a 3 minute fast incline run, but the instructors really encourage and help me dig deep. I love that every workout is different and each instructor has their own style. I admit it, I’m a Treadfit addict and really look forward to attending class! Thank you Treadfit, for helping me feel strong on my never ending journey to good health.” Thanks Alexis!

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