Colleen Cushing is one of our favorite Treadfit regulars! Hear what she shared about her experience at Treadfit:

“I started Treadfit a few months after my third baby was born, almost 2 years ago. I had been running for a long time at that point but needed something more. Several people recommended Treadfit so I decided to give it a try. I could barely walk after my first class! I have done half marathons and sprint triathlons in the past, but nothing had given me the full-body workout that Treadfit provides. In the time I have been going to classes, my pace has increased tremendously. I used to be a steady 10 to 10:30 pace per mile, but the last race I did my pace came in at 8:50/mile! I was so incredibly pleased with that time and I owe it all to Treadfit. The instructors truly care about your health and success and always push you past your limits. I feel stronger and faster each time I attend a class. One of the things I love is the challenges that are offered. The 10 in 14 boot camps are rough but kick your butt in the best way! I am currently finishing up the Focus on You Challenge, and I am so happy with the results I am seeing. I am so glad I decided to start coming to Treadfit, and couldn’t be more grateful that we have this wonderful place in our community!”

Thanks Colleen!

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