Marguerite has made incredible progress since joining Treadfit and the health benefits have followed. Hear what she shared about her experience at Treadfit:

“Several years ago, I quit smoking, was diagnosed with COPD, had 20% mobility in my back from sports and had a doctor tell me I had an under active thyroid. At only 44 years old, I had to decide if I was going to give up or fix my problems. It was then that I received a Gift Certificate to Treadfit. So, with hesitation I decided to give it a try.

Since joining Treadfit I have lost weight, increased my energy levels, and cut down on doctors’ appointments. My lungs have improved by 25% and the dosage of my medication was cut in half. My core muscles have gotten stronger, so my back has improved. There have not been any visits to the Chiropractor in over a year.

When I told my doctor that I was doing a “Challenge” with Treadfit, she was curious to see the results since she tracks my weight. Well, in 6 weeks I lost 7.5 pounds and about 2 inches in my waist. My Doctor was thrilled and so was I.

Treadfit has helped me stay focused on working out and eating healthier. Collette and Caitlin are usually the instructors I have. They are wonderful and tough. The instructors are wonderful. They are not there to judge or make you feel bad about yourself. They are very supportive and helpful. Another thing I love about Treadfit is that you can go at your own pace. Whether you are a walker or a sprinter, Treadfit has something for everyone!”

Thank you Marguerite Prehm

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