If you are in need of some inspiration look no further than today’s Transformation Tuesday! Shannon Markey has become one of our favorite regulars and through her workouts at Treadfit and changes to her diet, she has made an amazing transformation and is the strongest she’s ever been! Shannon began coming to Treadfit in November 2018. Hear what she has to say! 

“When I first signed up, I was little intimidated as I hadn’t worked out in years. I had a very important agility test to take for work and I thought attending classes at Treadfit would give me a good jumpstart for my cardio and strength. Not only did I pass my test but also lost over 100lbs and I have also gained so much strength. I am so thankful for all of the instructors at Treadfit (especially Colette and Caitlin) who have made me a stronger person, both physically and mentally. I am a much more confident person today and I cannot wait to continue taking more classes and get stronger every day. Thank you so much for all you do”.

Keep up the amazing work Shannon!! You inspire us all

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