I started coming to Treadfit in 2016 on the suggestion of a neighborhood friend. I had lived in Beverly for 3 years at that point and was searching for the right exercise option…I was immediately hooked with Treadfit! I’ve always tried to prioritize exercise, but Treadfit made it easy. The workouts offer so much variety, you don’t get bored. The schedule makes it easy to find one that fits into your day. The quick pace keeps you engaged, increases your energy, and encourages you to push yourself to your limit to maximize the time. The environment and instructors are motivating and team oriented. It’s a fun community of supportive neighbors! The challenges are a fun way to stay on track and come with great prizes! I feel stronger and happier every time I leave a class. It’s both physical and mental exercise and I have a better day when I go! Thanks to Treadfit, working out is not just something I have to do, it’s truly something I WANT to do!

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