Client Highlight! See what Sarah Makina had to say about her experience at Treadfit!

I have been a proud Treadfit member for just about 400 classes, which equates to roughly three and a half years. My journey at Treadfit started when I moved to the area, and realized quickly that my 30+ minute drive to my previous gym could NOT continue. A friend of mine and I were in similar situations, and had heard about Treadfit from others living in the area. We took a chance, and oh my goodness, I am SO GLAD we did.

I can confidently say I have yet to have an “easy” class, or even one where I don’t walk out of there a sweaty mess. Each instructor is absolutely incredible in their own ways, but they all have one common goal: helping members better themselves, one 50-minute class at a time! There is an overwhelming sense of community, support, and authenticity from the moment you step foot into the studio. I am truly so blessed to be part of Treadfit. My honest recommendation for anyone contemplating trying Treadfit is: JUST. DO. IT… I promise, you won’t regret it ????

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