Laura started Treadfit in January and has become one of our favorite regulars! Hear what she shared about her experience at Treadfit:

“I finally started attending Treadfit classes regularly back in January because the thrifty shopper in me couldn’t pass up the “New Year New You” class package deal. Up until that point, I had been wanting to start, but had been finding and successfully using, every excuse in the book to not go. Whether I didn’t have anyone to watch the baby, I couldn’t possibly make it the four blocks to the gym in time, or I couldn’t find matching socks. Finally, I sucked it up and went with my friend to one of Collette’s Saturday classes, followed by one of her Sunday classes. I wrestled with going to a 5am class, thinking I couldn’t do it because the baby would wake up, or I would be too tired at work, yada yada, yada, until finally, I did it! It was with Cathy, and it was awesome! I was hooked. 5am wasn’t as bad as I thought, plus class was finished by 5:50 and now I was a few steps ahead for the day. I was worried I’d be tired at work, but it was just the opposite. I had more energy and I was in a better mood. As the weeks passed, I started to feel stronger in and out of class. From increasing my easy pace in class, to double-timing the stairs at work instead of the elevator, I felt great. And, the best part about it is, I still do it nearly 6 months later. I’m still loving going to class! The challenges are great motivation and the teachers are always making changes to classes, keeping me interested and wanting more. I’m so glad I finally cleared the mental hurdle and started. I’ll never stop!

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