Treadfit Client Highlight! See what Joe Bird had to say about his experience at Treadfit!

“Treadfit is awesome. For me, Treadfit is an especially positive and rewarding experience because the instructors create a full-body workout that I can adjust based on my training schedule. That makes it possible for me to attend Treadfit classes all year, even when I’m training for a triathlon or marathon. Each week, I attend 3 to 5 classes and add long runs or other activities to reach my goals. Depending on what I have planned or what I’m preparing for, I might dedicate a week to heavier weights and fewer reps or lighter weights and more reps. I generally measure/track the strain of a workout, and the results at Treadfit are very impressive, not least because the instructors are so knowledgeable, helpful, and prepared. I’m always amazed by how perfectly the instructors pair music to each workout’s intensity level—I really appreciate that they take the time to create workouts that maximize benefits for me. Joining Treadfit has helped me become a healthier person, and I’m incredibly grateful for the instructors’ commitment and dedication as well as for the motivation, positivity, and support of my fellow members.”

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