We all love our Treadfit rock star Ali! Hear what Ali shared about her experience at Treadfit:

“Treadfit has become what I like to call my “me time.” Ask me 2 years ago, and I would have said, absolutely not I will not go workout, I have to lesson plan and make copies.

Long story short, for the past 5 years I let teaching consume my work and personal life without even realizing it. Looking back now, I see a ton of mistakes made like letting myself go. Along with teaching, about a year and a half ago right before my son turned a month old, and before I was cleared post C-section, life threw a curveball in my marriage. I took that curve ball and swung for the fences. Instead of crumbling, I joined some amazing friends and made some positive healthy changes. Treadfit has helped take me from a size 14 down to a 6 and from a walking 4.0 to a running 5.5-6.0. I am the strongest and most confident I have ever been in my life. And because of this I have also been able to accomplish a 10 miler, 10K, multiple 5ks, and 3 successful CPD POWER tests in the past year. Now, I can say I love running and working out. I have been setting goals and motivating myself to do better. Next year, I signed up for the F3 half marathon and the Chicago marathon. Treadfit is my challenge, and stress reliever. The positive atmosphere helps make working out enjoyable. My favorite classes are the Sprint classes with Caitlin, but I can honestly say I’ve never experienced a bad class at Treadfit.”

Thank you Ali!

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