Michelle is one of our favorite regulars! Hear what she shared about her experience at Treadfit. “I have always followed the motto “run only when chased.” But due to getting old and my love of fine wine, I knew I had to change my mindset. So, I gave Treadfit a try and haven’t looked back. The combination of running & weight training is truly the best of both worlds. The intervals keep me from getting bored on the treads. I have definitely felt myself getting stronger due to the weight training. Thanks to the heart rate monitors, I can track how many calories I burn, which is usually over 600. Even on the days where I’m just not feeling it, I lower my easy pace and still burn over 500 calories. It is great how every Treadfitter can decide their own pace. But above all, the trainers are the BEST part, just pure sunshine. They are able to motivate and push me to do my best. They are constantly encouraging each and every person. And you know what, we ARE stronger than we think. Thank you Treadfit!” Thanks Mickey!

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