Meghan started at Treadfit last year and has quickly become one of our favs! Hear what she shared about her experience at Treadfit!
“I started going to Treadfit in June of 2017 after putting off working out for probably a good year or so after having my son. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by the idea of a Treadfit class since I hadn’t really worked out much in so long and I’ve never been the biggest fan of instructor led classes, nor am I the most coordinated person out there. After a friend talked me into going to a class, I was hooked! Honestly, from day one I have felt welcomed and comfortable working out at class. I’ve lost weight, I’m more toned, my ‘easy pace’ has increased along with my overall endurance. I feel stronger after every single class and now I almost have the same amount of energy as my toddler!

What I think truly sets Treadfit apart from other gyms are the instructors. They are all so unique with their classes while being equally encouraging and motivating. They take time to make sure you feel comfortable on the treadmills and understand all of the moves on the floor. With a max of 16 Treadfitters at one time, even when the class is full you still feel like you’re getting that one on one attention, which makes these classes worth every penny. While I’ve been to most of the instructor’s classes, my schedule aligns most with Colette’s classes and to be honest I couldn’t be happier. She can be pretty hardcore (having 5 kids does that to you I guess) but she makes every class different and fun. I feel like I’m working out with my friend which helps hold me accountable to going to class. I find myself rearranging my personal schedule to get it in. Colette pushes you every day to “own every second” and believe me, you do. Between the upbeat music pumping you up and the quick changes to speed and incline on the treads or moves on the floor, the 50 minutes flies by while you’re kicking your own butt. I’m still not the fastest nor do I lift with the heaviest weights, but I’m getting stronger every single day and that’s all that matters. Thanks, Treadfit!”

Thank you Meghan!

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