Mary Lawlor is a long time Treadfit client and die hard regular. She amazes us with her incredible fitness levels! Hear what Mary shared about her experience at Treadfit, “Treadfit is my happy place. Well, that is a slight exaggeration. Treadfit is the place I work the hardest and feel the best about having been there. I started going to Treadfit shortly after it opened. (I read about the opening in DNAInfo Chicago – still sad it has gone away). I immediately booked a class and was sweating with the best, both instructors and classmates. People of all ages and fitness levels can feet comfortable here. The instructors are great about how to modify both pace and exercise for your own fitness level. The kind of exercise I get at Treadfit has been shown to be the best to counteract the effects of aging (as a physician, I had to throw in one evidence-based piece of information). At 70, I am lucky to be able to count myself among the regulars at Treadfit. I hope that being there helps my luck continue.” Thank you Mary!

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