My oldest and dearest friend hit a HUGE goal this week by completing 200 classes! Thank you for being an amazing friend and supporter of Treadfit! ? Hear what Katie shared about her experience at Treadfit:

“I started coming to Treadfit regularly last January, attending on average 4 days/week. It’s truly the best full-body workout I’ve ever done! I’ve never been a strong runner, so initially I was very intimidated to start. But today, I look forward to each class, as I know it’s the perfect way to start my day! Each class, complete with treadmill challenges, strength training (my personal favorite), and floor exercises are fun AND challenging, but the best part is how you can go at your own pace. The instructors are ALL excellent, and give such great personal attention to each and every one. From the exercises to the upbeat music, every class is different – keeping it fresh and exciting. Personally, I love checking my workout off my “to-do” list by 7 a.m…beyond physically making me feel great, the early class gives me a mental boost too! I love Treadfit and am so thankful it’s in the neighborhood! I feel SO much stronger (and better) than I did this time last year. Thank you to Jenny and ALL the Treadfit instructors for helping me get into shape!”

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